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"Three Naive Backpackers Regressed"

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"Three Naive Backpackers Regressed"
A group of backpackers have all their belongings stolen and are forced to take refuge in weird and creepy emergency accomodation where strange dreams become reality....

Full length movie 75 minutes playing time

Featuring Melanie, Amy and Belle

Travelling in a strange country three young backpackers have to take emergency accommodation after all their possessions have been stolen.

Finding no one else on the premises and the door unlocked they come across a bare room with only a mattress and three footed pyjamas

It is all very creepy but with night approaching they have no option but to put on the footed pyjamas and bed down together for the night.

During a fitful sleep they all have similar weird dreams. They were each a diapered baby and were playing with the others had even wet their diapers.

When the girls woke they were embarrassed to discover they had really peed their panties overnight.

Then it got spookier. Their clothes had disappeared and some diapers had appeared in their place.

Having no option but to diaper each other they then went looking for their clothes and found behind another door a fully equipped nursery.

They are quite scared by now and wanting to get out of this weird building fast they grabbed some baby dresses and put them before they went into the street.

But the only exit door was locked. Stressed out they go back inside to even more surprises....
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